International Garden Photographer of the Year 2018 : Marcio Cabral Featured

International Garden Photographer of the Year 2018-a lawmman pakhatna dawngtu chu Brazilian photographer Marcio Cabral a ni a, Cerrado, Brazil rama ni chhuak turin pangpar mawi taka a em en thlalak chu pakhatna a nihpui a ni.

He intihsiakna hi IGPOTY buatsaih niin, managing director Tyrone McGlinchey chuan, “Marcio hian Cerrado hmuna pangpar chu mawi danglam takin a rawn la a, Paepalanthus chiquitensis pangpar tam tak chu ni chhuak turin mawi takin a rawn chhun eng a ni,” tiin a sawi.

Thlalak mawi tak tak he intihsiaknaa lawmman dawng dangte hetiang hian :

Purple heather in a misty landscape. Image copyright : MARK BAUER

A circular doorway looking onto a green landscaped garden. Image copyright : ANNIE GREEN-ARMYTAGE

Hills covered in yellow rice plants with misty clouds behind. Image copyright : SHAOFENG ZHANG

Two pink flower buds covered in water and ice, surrounded by snow. Image copyright : YI FAN

A microscopic view showing tree cells in blue and purple colours. Image copyright : STEVE LOWRY

A rocky mountainous landscape with a river and orange trees. Image copyright : MAURO TRONTO

A wild hamster holding a purple flower. Image copyright : HENRIK SPRANZ

A snow-covered landscape showing a garden maze in front of a forest. Image copyright : MARIANNE MAJERUS

A composite photo showing lily pads in green and purple colours. Image copyright : CATHRYN BALDOCK

A field of purple, yellow, orange and red flowers. Image copyright : JOHN GLOVER

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